Rigaud is currently the Founder of Mountain of Glory Ministry located in Brooklyn New York, he is married to the beautiful Nandy Talent Dessources.

Rigaud is a worshiper without borders, he is everywhere to lead hearts in adoration. With his tragic testimony, the faith of people is strengthened by worshiping with him, since he spent five (5) hours under the rubble of the earthquake of January 12, 2010, in Haiti, “Li Vivan”.

The greatest Desire of Rigaud is to go anywhere and everywhere to proclaim the gospel of Christ through his voice, for it is his obligation because he made the promise to God when he was buried under the debris on January 12,2010 Earthquake in Haiti. Death in the face, he said, “Lord! Save me if you want and I’ll go sing your name all over the world”. So, beloved Rigaud sings everywhere in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, Colorado, Haiti, Canada, Africa, Brazil, etc. It’s all just the accomplishment of his promise to God.

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